To maintain our high standards for hygiene and student health, CPSC has an on-site Registered Nurse. She is responsible for establishing and maintaining the highest quality hygiene procedures, monitoring the health of the children in the Center, administering required medications (with signed parental approval only), staying up-to-date on the latest health information for children in child care, and supporting parents as they may need with nursing and lactation. The Nurse is responsible for ensuring the safety of children with allergies. In addition to our "No Nuts" policy, allergy profiles are kept up-to-date and teachers are trained in how best to handle each child's individual situation.

A Parent's Perspective:

"Little did we know how crucial CPSC's nurse's help would be for us when we first toured the center. In his first months our son developed asthma and he was diagnosed with several allergies and still requires constant medication. Sadly enough, this is a 'family inheritance', but asthma in an infant is so much more difficult to treat. However, she provided invaluable support for Toby's medical condition. She checked on him twice daily and treated him at the early onset of an asthmatic reaction, which is crucial for the prevention of more serious symptoms. Furthermore, she provided a constant source of information and gave valuable advice on opportunities for treatments that helped alleviate the symptoms. She also made it possible for us to join the hot lunch offered at CPSC, as she checks the menu and identifies foods that Toby might be allergic to and discusses this with his teachers.

During our interaction with CPSC's nurse we have learned to trust her experience and judgment. It is of great comfort to know that somebody with her expertise is on-site and able to judge and act appropriately in what can be life-threatening occurrences of asthma attacks. Furthermore, the nurses presence at CPSC can be noticed in the high standard of hygiene education of the teachers and the thoughts that are brought into the every day care of children. We have come to realize that CPSC provides the best and safest care for Toby."