Fund Raising

Fund raising has helped with many improvements at CPSC—the new play structure being the most recent example. The emergence of the “online economy” presents an opportunity to help the Center raise thousands of dollars in a very unobtrusive manner with Web based versions of the traditional scrip programs. There are two such programs.

Some major supermarkets, including Safeway, Pak n’ Save, and Vons (partial list) donate from 2-5% of your monthly purchase through this program. Other participating merchants include Eddie Bauer, Round Table Pizza, and American Airlines. Whether you shop online or in the neighborhood, purchases at participating stores generate rebates back to CPSC. Unlike the traditional scrip programs, this program does not require you to prepay, or manage coupons, which are only good at a particular store.

Here's how to sign up:
1. Go to the online registration form at (click the “Sign Up” button)
2. The first step will prompt you for CPSC’s ID: 140362734.
3. Next register the cards you have from their list with eScrip.
4. Take a look at the partial merchant list here in the newsletter, or online at (click on “Family of Merchants”) to learn where you can shop to support CPSC! Every time you use one of your eScrip-registered cards at participating merchants, eScrip sends CPSC a percentage of your total purchase. There is no individual transaction fee charged to you, and nothing to keep track of!

OneCause is very similar to Escrip, except it is for online shopping only. At OneCause, there is an “online mall” with links to major retailers. Participating retailers include JCrew, Lands End, LL Bean,,, eToys, and dozens of others. You must start shopping through the OneCause site in order for CPSC to get any benefit. Registration is free.

Here’s how to sign up:
1. Go to the online registration form at and click the ‘Join Now’ button
2. After signing up with your name and email, you will be prompted to select a school/organization. CPSC’s ID is: 111044
3. To start contributing a percentage of your online purchases, you must start your everyday shopping at and click through to your favorite merchants, or install the OneCause Toolbar to make sure you earn contributions even if you forget to start your shopping at

I urge you to evaluate and join these two programs. They can really benefit the Center. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask Rachel.

Other options for supporting CPSC