CPSC Donation Opportunities

A primary goal of The Children’s Pre-School Center program is to provide access to as many families as possible to an excellent child development program in an appealing, inviting, healthy environment. With this goal in mind, we have two opportunities for charitable giving to offer you.

Shade Structure for the Junior Preschool Playground

Our Infant/Toddler and Junior Pre-School Playground would benefit from the addition of shade structures. While our playgrounds have a tree and some umbrellas that provide shade, the attractive shade structure at right would provide more protected play space and make the playground more attractive.
The structures we want to purchase and install will cost around $800. Your donation will help us meet our goal.

Infant/Toddler Playground

We would like to make the Infant/Toddler playground a more esthetically appealing space by decorating the walls so that they are esthetically pleasing as well as playful and fun. As we did with the fantastic murals in our breezeway, we will add an element of fantasy and stimulation to our now dull walls. We need around $10,000 to do something innovative and creative with that space.

CPSC Scholarship Fund

The months ahead are sure to bring economic challenges to some of our families. All of us, including the children, have strong connections at CPSC. Experiencing a layoff or a family situation that creates economic difficulty due to a sudden, temporary drop in income can make it impossible for a family to continue their connections within the CPSC community. Often, when a layoff hits, spending on child care needs to be decreased or eliminated, which makes it that much harder to find another job.

We would like to be able to help families weather several months of sharply reduced income due to a job layoff or other hardship. By giving to the CPSC Scholarship Fund, you can help CPSC families come through a stressful time with the continued support of the CPSC community.

CPSC Benefits for Donors

CPSC is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Any funds you donate to CPSC are tax-deductible.
Many corporations match their employees' charitable giving. If you want to make a gift to CPSC, find out whether your employer has a charitable matching program. Many of you will be able to double your contributions by making use of this program.

CPSC Donation Procedure

The donation procedure is to simply write a check for the amount you wish to donate, note CPSC Scholarship Fund on the memo line, and hand it to Karen or put it in the tuition deposit envelope outside her office. Your note on the memo line will ensure it goes into the CPSC Scholarship Fund.