About us


Our mission is to support families by providing high-quality child care. The CPSC program is based on the most current knowledge of early childhood development with play central to our core as our image of the child encompasses a competent, capable, and resourceful child.


Our mission is to support families. Each family has its own preferences and practices. Each family also has a deep and sensitive knowledge of their child. We take time to listen to each parent, learn about each child, and pay careful attention to each family. We take these personal preferences into account and weave them into our care. We honor that our parents are their child’s first teacher!

We believe in the importance of an enduring relationship between parents, children, and educators. The extraordinary teachers at CPSC help children by getting to know each child individually, learning each temperament and personality, and discovering what is delightful in each child.

We respect each unique set of talents and challenges. Our teachers learn how to help each child play, relate to others, and explore new skills and activities. They recognize each success, challenge, and effort, and reflect these back to the children. In such a personally supportive environment, children feel secure and optimistic. They seek out new challenges and learn how to solve problems. Children at CPSC become creative, competent, and confident.

Comfort and peace of mind for every parent is important to us. Through a careful dialog between teachers and parents, we work to combine the specific knowledge of parents with the child development knowledge of our teachers. This approach ensures an optimal environment for children and parents at CPSC.

Location and Facilities

CPSC is a nonprofit daycare and preschool is located in the Cubberley Community Center in Palo Alto, CA.

Our beautiful, comfortable environment is safe, nurturing, and specifically designed to optimize the development of young hearts and minds. In fact, CPSC provides an upgraded facility to help children on their journey toward competence, intelligence, and creativity.

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