CPSC provides a variety of enrichment programs as part of the children’s overall experience at the center. Some of our programs, such as Singing with Mr. Wiley and Hot Shots, are woven into the weekly schedule as part of our standard curriculum. In addition, we offer an optional activity of classical dance (parents must register separately for this option).

Music with Mr. Wiley

Mr. Wiley is a Bay Area musician for children and has been at CPSC for many years. His bimonthly visits to each classroom provide opportunities to sing-a-long, see various musical instruments and take a strum, and participate in small classroom concerts. There is no additional fee for this, but a part of the CPSC program.

Soccer Shots

NOTE: Soccer Shots is temporarily suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions

On Tuesdays, our coaches provide small groups of children with an opportunity to learn and practice their skills in soccer. The program is created under the guidance of education specialists, professional soccer players, and experienced and licensed soccer coaches. Children are challenged positively, and taught elements of teamwork, sharing, communication, and respect. While the children are enjoying these activities, they are developing a healthy and active life style and learning to listen and follow directions. Soccer Shots helps develop their large gross motor skills (balance, coordination, and strength), development. This aligns with and supports teacher’s assessment of the whole child. The coaches are an absolute favorite and the children look forward to their weekly visits! There is no additional fee for this, but a part of the CPSC program.

Optional Dance Connections

NOTE: Dance Connections is temporarily suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions

Cindy Ginanni of Dance Connections offers dance classes for preschoolers on the Cubberley Community Center campus. While there is no formal affiliation between Dance Connections and CPSC, many of our preschool children sign up for once a week dance classes. Cindy collects the children for dance class and signs them out. After the class she escorts them back to CPSC and signs them back into our care. These dance classes are an option for CPSC parents of children 3 years old and up. Registration materials may be found online at Dance Connection Palo Alto.

Optional BookTree Program

NOTE: Our BookTree Program is temporarily suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions

Reading aloud with your child stimulates brain development, builds vocabulary, develops reading and writing skills, and enhances creativity. These profound benefits stay with your child for life. How do you ensure a steady and varied supply of extraordinary books?

BookTree’s monthly book-lending program, now available at CPSC, conveniently addresses this challenge for busy parents. The program infuses the home read-aloud experience with the highest quality of illustrated children’s literature available, and exposes children to a wide variety of writing and illustrative styles, concepts, and themes.

Each month, BookTree delivers to the school a personalized tote containing ten illustrated, age-appropriate literary gems for you to take home and read with your child. Enjoy the books for a month, then return the tote and pick up a fresh batch. Each set of books balances fiction vs. non-fiction, stories vs. concepts, authors/illustrators/styles, and breadth of subject matter. Sophistication levels range from infant up to about age 7, meeting the needs of a child as he or she grows.

To sign up for a FREE TRIAL or learn more, please visit www.booktree.us.