Healthy Learning

At CPSC, healthy learning embodies an environment where physical, mental and emotional vitality are essential to optimal learning. As such, we closely monitor the health and well being of our children. We have a School Nurse on staff and under her guidance and supervision have developed a program that:

  • Provides a healthy, clean, and attractive facility lit with natural light
  • Ensures our environment is safe and sound for our children
  • Uses the best hygiene practices and encourages our children to use good hygiene practices, including frequent hand washing and sanitization of food preparation and bathroom facilities
  • Promotes, encourages and teaches healthy eating habits
  • Provides a healthy balance of indoor and outdoor activities

CPSC’s facilities including classrooms and support areas were recently renovated. In partnership with Design Response, a not-for-profit design firm, our spaces were redesigned for functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Classrooms are arranged to maximize natural light, to be comfortable and appealing for the children, and to be easy for teachers to work in and around. They are filled with soft colors and original art work to capture the children’s imaginations. In 2007, our Infant and Toddler classrooms won an Award of Excellence from the American Society of Interior Designers, Peninsula Chapter. We are delighted to have worked with the wonderful and generous professionals at Design Response to create our lovely new classrooms and staff support areas.