Our Program

CPSC’s child development program is based on the most current knowledge of early childhood and brain development with an emphasis on play, shared inquiry learning, collaboration, and relationship building. Kindergarten Readiness is woven into our daily experiences. At the heart of our program is the belief that children are capable and construct knowledge with the support of caring adults and a carefully designed environment.

We are divided into two licenses: our Infant and Young Toddler wing and our Older Toddler/Junior Pre-School and Senior Pre-School wing. Children transition to the next classroom when they are developmentally ready for new challenges with their age taken into consideration.

Learning begins in infancy where following the RIE Approach honors the infant’s dynamically changing world as a place to observe these changes and respond in ways that support this unique time of development in our infants’ lives.

Kindergarten Readiness includes progressive stages of familiarity with reading, writing and number recognition. Recognizing that words in literature have meaning, children progress in the early stages of reading and writing together with number concepts. Emergent Curriculum practices enable children to be at the center of their own learning where teachers view their roles as facilitators in their learning. Small group work is emphasized as is learning and valuing the relationships with peers. Children are well prepared to enter kindergarten, confident in their skills and their abilities, know how to engage in respectful relationships, and are fully prepared to thrive in the diverse fabric of our communities.

Infants and Toddlers

(6 weeks to 28 months in age): We have four classrooms dedicated to our growing infants and young toddlers. Each classroom supports eight to twelve children, with teacher-to-child ratios that never exceeds 1:4 (teacher:child) ratio. Many times throughout the day, our Infant Rooms will have a 1:3 ratio.

  • Ladybugs Room – Starting at 6 weeks (class size 8-10)
  • Butterflies Room – Starting at 6 weeks (class size 8-10)
  • Dragonflies Room – Ranging from 11-24 months (class size 12-16)
  • Honeybees Room – Ranging from 11-24 mos (class size 12-16)


(~2 years to ~ 3 1/2 years): We have four Preschool rooms with teacher-to-child ratios that change from 1:5 to 1:7 depending on the children’s age.

  • Hummingbirds Classroom – 24-33 months (class size up to 18)
  • Bluebirds Classroom – 2.5-3.5 years (class size up to 18)
  • Robins Room – 2.5-3.5 years (class size up to 18)


(~4 to 5½ years): We have two Pre-Kindergarten classrooms with class sizes and support that will prepare them to enter Kindergarten every September. The ratio in our Pre-Kindergarten rooms is 1:7.

  • Herons Room – Starting at 4 years (class size up to 16)
  • Eagles Room – Starting at 4.5 years (class size up to 16)