Our Community

Children’s Pre-School Center is centered around the building of relationships and creating dynamic partnerships. Our families and their many contributions to maintaining a healthy work-life balance is important in serving their children. Partnerships are formed early on between a dedicated and loving teaching staff whose passion for working with children in the younger years is felt throughout each classroom dynamic.

We honor each phase of development as unique opportunities to engage with children in their world and observe, notice, and validate their learning along with them. We view the child as a fully capable and creative learner with teachers facilitating learning and fostering friendships amongst peers.

Creativity and curiosity, compromise and problem-solving, wonder and analysis are important parts of every day. Children, their ideas, their feelings, their challenges, their struggles, their joys, and their triumphs are honored and respected here. Teachers and parents work together closely to support children on their journey through the first five years.

Our multicultural and diverse community celebrates families from all over the world and values not only preservation in play in native languages but respectful cultural interactions between children and each other as well as with staff and our classroom community to building on the greater CPSC community of support.