Illnesses & Immunizations

CPSC is dedicated to maintaining a safe and hygienic environment for all our children, teachers and staff. Having a School Nurse on staff helps us achieve that goal. Normally, in group care, the average child should expect to contract one to two additional colds or stomach upsets each year and is the result of a larger germ pool than exists outside our homes. Good health policies set by CPSC provide practical guidelines for when to exclude a child for illness, and combined with proper hygiene and a clean environment, can minimize contagion between children, parents and educators. Our health policies follow the guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics and are actively supported by our Staff Nurse. CPSC Health Policies.

Coping with allergies is a common challenge for families with young children. As such, the CPSC program can provide for the specific needs of children who have mild to moderate food or environmental allergies. In addition to our “No Nut” policy, each family dealing with a childhood allergies is asked to fill out a form detailing the allergy and what needs to be avoided for that child. To make sure that every teacher in the room has these details handy when serving food, the child’s photo and a list of what the child is allergic to is posted on the classroom refrigerator. As allergies change and evolve, parents update CPSC so we can provide the needed support to maintain every child’s good health.

Washing Hands and Brushing Teeth

CPSC encourages our children to adopt healthy habits as early as possible. The children learn to incorporate washing their hands and brushing their teeth into the daily classroom routine. Infants experience hand washing each time their diaper is changed. Our toddlers learn to wash their own hands after all diaper changes and before meals, with assistance from the teachers as needed. By the time children enter the Junior Preschool, they are already used to washing and drying their own hands with soap and water, and can brush their teeth after lunch each day.